Guests of all kinds and from all over the world come to us. All combine the desire to leave the everyday life behind for a few days, to be active in any way, to enjoy the great landscape and the friendliness of the Walser and the regionally produced products.

Due to the conditions of our house succeeds best as a couple (apartment), as a family or small group (family floor) or medium-sized group (the whole house).
All year round, we look forward to holidaymakers, large and small families, circles of friends, hiking and cycling groups, art and cultural groups, companies, teams and the like.

We can also hire seminar, workshop and course providers to carry out their activities far away from their usual environment. This can strengthen the bond with customers, clients, employees or within the team.
For all our guests, we support them in the execution of their activities with words and deeds. This includes, for example also the transport from and to the nearest station (Feldkirch, Bludenz).


Vacationers come to our house to explore from here the many tourist, sporting and / or cultural opportunities in the region. You cater for yourself in our kitchen or use the great restaurant SONNE, which is not far from our house.

For the vacationers we can give tips on the best destinations, current events and the shortest way there.


They also want to carry out their own activities in the house, be it in the form of morning or evening gymnastics, discussions, business meetings, team meetings or even „only“ cooking together, baking, reading or watching TV.

In order to make the days of our program a complete one, we assist these organizations both in the implementation of their outdoor activities and in the smooth organization of the planned group work in-house.
For the usual seminar and workshop requirements, we provide the necessary infrastructure (e.g., WiFi) and equipment (e.g., tables, chairs, whiteboard).

For sports teams or groups, the sports hall or sports ground of the municipality can also be rented (if available then).


The rooms of our house offer ideal conditions for thematic work in and with groups as well as a colorful accompanying program. Here can:

  • the physical aspect (rehabilitation, yoga, tai-chi etc.),
  • the psychological (mindfulness, stress management, goal setting),
  • the artistic (painting or music courses) and / or
  • the therapeutic aspect as perhaps a combination of everything (including nutritional courses, etc.) is in the foreground.

Therefore, we explicitly address all initiators and organizers of courses, seminars and workshops and invite them to lead their groups for a few days in the beautiful mountains and to work very focused on their topics.

The house is a self-catering house. The apartment has a kitchenette. Otherwise, a very large and rustic kitchen with bread and pizza oven is available.

The water comes from its own source directly from the mountains. The cheese, butter and yoghurt of the dairy are made from the milk of local Alpine cows.


Phone: +49 172 1554411
Email: kontakt@sport-seminare-walsertal.eu

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